Thank you very much Fatimah for passing this award to me .I am overwhelmed to receive this award
Thanks a million from the bottom of my HEART . Please excuse me for taking so long to post it .
Now here I flaunt my third award from Fatimah who herself is an excellent artist.Her blog is a must visit blog, so take time out and enjoy the visit.She is a DARLING and her work is beautiful.

I pass on this award to all my followers


Fatimah Hayat said...

Thank you so much Ghazala. for writing such sweet and kind words for me.
i am very very Thankful to you.
May Allah bless you with lots of success & happiness.

GHAZALA said...

Ameen summa Ameen! same to you too!


mousumi roy said...

Hi Ghazala !!!!

Sooooory for reverting so late. Actually I hv been not keeping well so I haven't been online for a while.And it was a pleasant surprise to see an award waiting for me. Thanks a ton for forwarding the same to me. Will display the same on my page. Its very kind of you. Also congrats on getting the awards that also in a row !!! Simply awesome and well deserved.

Take care and thanks once again.


GHAZALA said...

Thanks Moushumi! Take good care of your health .God bless you with good health and all the happiness.