The world is full of magic things and magical moments . How I knew I would find a long lost friend after 30 years?!!!!!!!!      Who while talking  sensed my love for the place where I spent the prime time of my life. My dear friend was generous enough to take time out and surprise me by sending a few photographs of the place I  longed to visit ....................which is next to impossible.
A very beautiful place gently nestled among the woods with hills around and with wild untended flowers .I always have a strong feeling I belong among wild flowers and woods.Still those dreamy early mornings linger in my memories fresh and fragrant.

Watching the ripples on the water with glittery eyes and weaving dreams sitting at the edge of the dam where I spent numerous evenings drinking the beauty of mellow evening and beautiful sunset spread across the sky. Whispering wind brushing past which softly used to make my hair dance.The wild geese flying over head, I still love to hear them, I used to snap my fingers to their cadence and sing with them.I think I was specially drawn to them because I knew they were going somewhere.I imagined  slowly mounting myself on their wings and fly off to the places unknown .

  The colours  of painter's pallet spilled all over,its breath taking beauty was on display all the time, this hill        across the dam had circular road which would take us to the hill top.
   Doesn't it look like the nature is looking into the mirror to beautify itself..................................?

These trees might look lifeless without leaves but we all know they are changing their apparel for the next occasion. They slowly shed their  old attire to wear the new ones.I remember roaming in these woods......collecting leaves and wild flowers.Strolling and enjoying the music of crackling sound of dried leaves under my feet.

These trees stand upright as if stretching their arms towards the sky asking and pleading for something we don't know and understand. Their mysterious silent prayers and their silent wishes do not unfold to the understanding of a human.I remember very clearly how I also used to wish and pray under these trees.

The brilliant red orange forest flames  .Plucking these flowers, drinking its nectar and  rubbing them on my palm was my favourite leisure time  activity when it blossomed ............................................... these flowers are not easily available ..........................After leaving this place I had never seen these flowers though I have travelled far and wide

The special feelings I've been harboring in my heart have something to do with letting go of all that has meant so much to me ,I guess.  Returning to that place is next to impossible but at least I received the pictures......................................
these trees , this dam, this sky , the gentle breeze of this place has witnessed me growing from a small girl to a teenager to an adult , a married woman and then mother of a child................ at this juncture I had to leave this place and go ahead in life............. but I carry this lovely place deeply pitched in my heart where ever I go.

Words are not enough to thank for the most beautiful gift I've ever received .



mousumi roy said...

Hi Ghazala !!!!

Hope u r doin well. The pics are really amazing and the way u have described them is super awesome. Very poetic I must say. But u didn't mention the name of the place. Is it somewhere in India ????????????????

Take care !!!


GHAZALA said...

THANK YOU DARLING !yes sweet heart its very much in India!!!! Its a place called Chachai in MadhyaPradesh

Dr Sonia S V said...

Such beautiful beautiful photography.Nature photography is so soothing for the soul isnt it!!
Dr Sonia
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Common Man said...
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Common Man said...

These are not mere pictures... you truly said these trees, this dam, this sky , the gentle breeze of this place has witnessed you growing from a small girl to a teenager to an adult , a married woman and then mother of a child....
Your friend has just sent you pics of places you wanted to see.... it is your love for the place & your lively and poetic description that made these pics immortal.

Anonymous said...

Hi Didi,,

Veryyy touching....
I went to Chachai & OPM last Year. I was over,over overjoyed , Everything is same as it was decades away but missing the faces.

Best Wishes -Zinia [Arshad's Classmate from OPM]

GHAZALA said...

Wow its a pleasure to hear from you my darling
I know chachai is in our system we cannot break our connections from that place ......I too still dream of that place