India, my mother land is crying, it is twisting and turning with excruciating pain. Worried about her daughters who are not safe.

The Brave Heart died leaving behind the silence of a crying shame and a burning urge of death penalty for the culprits.

May she become the wake up call for the country where the whole system slumbers leaving its public insecure. May this shameful incident become a symbol of the ongoing battle to ensure justice and security of women and effect social change.

The circumstance automatically and naturally advocates Islamic teachings where women are asked to cover and men are asked to lower their gaze. Where justice is according to the Shariah law. 

May the new year 2013 and all the rest of the years to come bring effective social change in India,where India's hands are not drenched with the blood of her own daughters,where daughters of the country feel safe, secure and confident.

May Almighty bless the people of my motherland with safety, security, prosperity, thoughtfulness, humbleness, modesty, courage, sensitivity and the list goes on ...............HE IS ALL KNOWING.

May Almighty continue to  bless my foster country with everything HE has already given and much more...............HE IS ALL POWERFUL 


May the break of each new dawn illuminate the life of everybody with health, happiness ,prosperity and success in this world and Hereafter.  


Sabrina Sulaiman said...

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mousumi roy said...

Hi Ghazala !!!

U have a nice space. In this blog post you have echoed my sentiments. Thanks for putting those feelings in words so beautifully !!! Am happy to follow you



GHAZALA said...

Thank you Moushumi,I'm pleased to have you! :)

Sangeetha said...

Hi Ghazala, Wish you a very happy New Year. Thank you for visiting me.
I loved your paperwork,it is superb. Do keep in touch.

Yasmin said...

Aameen ! And HAppy New year to you too. Beautifully said and so true !