Amr was all over the school, The Musical that was performed in my school on the occasion of winding up of the 20th anniversary celebrations.
The experience was amazing and the rehearsals were vigorous (I know as my daughter was one of the  participant).

The story of a little boy who thought school is not cool and felt that his parents were throwing him into a jungle of people gradually grows to understand the importance and the joy of being in school.

Thanks to Yasmin for providing me these swirls


Yasmin said...

Wow!!! Ghazala, these are fabulous! Lovely work...wish I could see them all personally.
The show was really amazing and knowing how hard the whole group worked, it was worth all the effort and time and hardwork .

GHAZALA said...

thank you Yasmin!very true, memory of the show still lingers ,it was an experience worth experiencing.