Fruit Salad Day!

Yumm.... Fruit salad day!

Each day at school is full of excitement and surprises.

  Here comes fruit salad day to encourage healthy eating among kids.

 Fruits came pouring in.....

The most sought after hat of the day. I made one hat and every child wanted to wear it .......... now here originates the rule to keep them in place....... the child whose parent will visit the class will get a chance to wear the fruit hat. Wow, that played right and all the students started waiting for their parents. Almost each one of them got the chance to wear it and feel good. The last hour was for those whose parents could not make it. So all of them got the chance to wear it. Their happiness was worth experiencing. It was a wonderful day with my students. 


Yasmin said...

Looks like you had a great day . Even the kids look so happy in the picture. Your display is so colourful and nice. Lovely job !!

Ghazala said...

Thank you my dear ,it was a wonderful day indeed